I'm Andrew, an artist, illustrator and designer and teacher who also dabbles in front-end web development. Originally from Bailey, Colorado, I now live and work in Denver. I'm currently a user interface designer at Deloitte Digital, and an adjunct professor for the communication design department at MSU Denver.

This is a mini-version of my forthcoming website, the full version will be live soon.


Solo show at groundswell gallery
01 "Watershed" - solo show at groundswell gallery
Tangram Wheel Co online soon
02 Loops - Illustration
Los Mercados de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria gardening
03 Hudsen Collective - Design and branding
04 Boxcar - Illustration
Brick & Mortar
05 Brick & Mortar - Design and branding
06 General Mills - Art Direction
Fernando Torres Photography logo background
07 Art Drectors Club of denver - Design and branding
Logo collection
08 Artcrank posters - Illustration